We’re not alone! We’re grateful for all the support from friends and collaborators in this campaign to tackle HIV stigma and spread awareness of K=K

aFamily, our campaign’s media sponsor.

Anh Phong, community leader with an intimate online blog.

Anh Thuan, K=K dinner guest, leader of Alo Boy.

Booncha Studio, film production house.

Thanks for Centers For Disease Control Anh Prevention !

Chi Linh, a powerful example in the fight against stigmas.

Thanks Co Dong for sharing our message.

CoCo Sin, for limited-edition K=K t-shirts.

Cong Ca Phe for spreading the message of K=K.

Dat Viet OOH, for K=K bus billboards in Hanoi & HCMC.

Digitop, website resources developer.

Khanh Nguyen, director from Hanoi-based Red Team.

Do Nhat Ha, Miss Trangender Vietnam, K=K dinner guest.

Duong Gia Hieu, who photographed K=K collab products.

Dustin Nguyen, host of K=K dinner and Bar Stories series.

Thanks to Elle Magazine!

Esta Eatery, curated a dinner between HIV+ community and celebrities.

Thanks Facebook Singapore for the ads donation!

The Partnership of Health Advancement In Vietnam

Hey Camel Ceramics, limited-edition K=K ceramics.

Huytengmeng x Ngoc Pham x Calimotion, for our redesigned propaganda poster.

Thanks Kenh14!

Levi, event organizer.

Thanks to Lighthouse Social Enterprise for supporting those in need!

Loteria Goddess Lo Lo, K=K dinner guest .

LOL Photobooth, for capturing precious memories.

Maika Elan, winner of World Press Photo award, photographer of this campaign.

Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat, MMA champion, K=K dinner guest.

Seeson, plastered our messages on their holiday packaging.

The Lab Saigon, for this campaign & limited-edition T-shirts.

The New District, connecting thousands of teenagers to our message.

Tired City, getting our messages and artwork on stationery and T-shirts.

Toma(to) x Calimotion for our remade propaganda poster.

Vu Tuan Anh x Calimotion for reimagining an old HIV poster.

Tuimi, rapper, guest at K=K dinner.

Thuy Minh, K=K dinner guest, Khong Cay Khong Ve host.

Thanks VnExpress for supporting this positive message!

Thanks to Vietnam National Network of People Living With HIV!

Voice of HCMC, for the K=K radio program.